You guys

I smoked earlier and I’m fucking hungryyyyy.. I want food but it’s way to late to eat anything. My stomach is growling :(




Can Jo please write all of Harry’s other textbooks please and the Dumbledore biography and like every other printed word in the books she can write out every fucking copy of the daily prophet and the quibbler and I will still read it

she could write all of lockhart’s books and i would still read them

I wish she would write, Hogwarts a History!!!!!



headcanon time

ravenclaw boys that are too forward with girls (i.e., keep trying to get a girl to date them when she’s already said no) get haunted until they knock it the fuck off

helena ravenclaw (the grey lady) was literally killed by a dudebro that wouldnt take no for an answer so you bet your ASS that ghost would be all up and over boys that didnt respect boundaries


do you ever just


that one of your friends

male or female

is like, really hot?

but not in a ‘damn i’d tap that’ kinda way

but in a

‘i made friends with someone who’s really attractive, nice’